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Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, CPC
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Meet Priscilla - Coach, Outdoor Enthusiast, Speaker, Trainer, and Leader.


Hello! Glad to see you "on the trail!"  My name is Priscilla Hansen Mahoney, and I am The Natural Business Leadership Guide.  I lead nature based business coaching programs for business leaders, self-managed professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs.  My focus is to help you find natural solutions to seemingly complex problems - to help you tame the wilds of entrepreneurship, and help you enjoy the quality of life that Maine (or where ever you live) has to offer.

I grew up on a rutabaga farm.... (I'll wait as you go Google "What is a rutabaga?...")  My deep love of nature was instilled in me at a young age as my Dad took me fishing every spring up in the Western Mountains of Maine.  The lessons I learned in the field, on the trails and in the streams made me who I am today - a seeker of adventure, an appreciator of nature, and a lover of a simple life.|

I have over 20 years experience in management,  leadership, and developing high performance teams.  My coaching process is three-fold: I combine the principles of business I attained when managing businesses and corporations with the principles of nature I experienced  while hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing and enjoying the Maine woods with the Core Energy Coaching™ Process I attained during my coaching certification at iPEC Coaching.  I believe that nature is the perfect mentor, model, and measure for all sustainable living things - including your business.

What is a Natural Business Leader?

Being a Natural Business Leader isn't all about being outside and in nature - although that is a big part of it.  A Natural Business Leader is able to synchronize themselves with their own natural flow and rhythm so they work at optimal levels when their energy is at its peak.  They are able to tap into the resources around them -whether it be their environment, relationships, or other energy sources like money or time.  They are able to harmonize with other people and draw out the strengths of others so they can lead with authenticity and effectiveness.  They are able to identify what drains them, and make corrective actions to protect their energy and refuel their fire.

Why Hire a Natural Business Leadership Guide?

Natural Based Business Coaching - Get started on the right pathA Natural Business Leadership Guide can greatly add to your personal and professional success.  A Guide can help with workloads, improve your management, time management, presentation and leadership skills, and open your experience with new insight into your surroundings.

What I do as your guide:

  • Assist you in your planning, execution and success of your journey.
  • Guide you on your business plan and personal goals to get you to your desired destination.
  • Provide leadership training and experiences when appropriate.
  • Utilize simple techniques to create healthy habits so planning, organization, and ease of scheduling becomes second nature.
  • Assist you in recognizing and utilizing resources that are readily available to you.  This includes creating a network, a support system and a team of advisers who can accompany you on your journey.
  • Assist you recognizing patterns that create obstacles, and give you the tools necessary to navigate around any blocks that may get in your way.
  • Instruct you on navigation skills so you can blaze trails on your own, if that is your desire.
  • Filter news, articles and instructions to you that is clear, concise and useful so you can unburden your information overload and travel light.

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