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Product T1 - Team Communication Strategy Session

Ready to create your Team Communication Strategy?

If you are frustrated with chasing communication, tools, information, and resources in your team, your team members are frustrated too.

By initiating this program, you may be able to eliminate hundreds of hours in ineffective meetings and communications. Not to mention, when communication doesn't flow with ease from team member to team member, it can cost your organization time, money, and reputation. If you've ever heard the expression "the right-hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing" - you know that your client experience depends on the effective communication of your team.

For that reason, let's schedule a Team Communication Strategy Session for your team today!

- 1-hour discovery session with 1-3 Organizational Leaders (preferably leaders of the team)

- Tools, worksheets, resources to guide your team members to identify their current communication tools and techniques

- Two-hour strategy session with your team to develop your team's communication strategy

- Tips and strategies for implementation

- Follow up recap call with 1-3 Organizational Leaders to review process, troubleshoot challenges, revise strategy if needed.

Payment structure 1497.00 USD split into 3 payments of 499 USD every month

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